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Welcome to my labyrinth.

Each month, I will have information about the moon cycles and how to work with each one, a healing tip, a hex reverse. If I am anything it is cryptic but you will learn to understand it.

Today is special because it is the partial lunar eclipse in Capricorn. This full moon is under the Cancer sun. Full moons illuminate crisis. They elucidate issues at hand and in the zodiac, the moon and the sun are polarized under a full moon to present opposite feelings, mirror feelings or differences in attitude of sun (how I present in the world, function on Earth) vs. moon (how I get my needs met, where my emotional reactions lie, my hidden depths).

Cancer is a cardinal water sign, as is Capricorn. This eclipse is partially about letting go completely, but since it is during mercury retrograde is also focused on reverse. In order to move forward, what are we forgetting? Both of these signs are “intiatory.” They set each season off. How are we facing the fruitfulness of summer and what are we leaving behind? Capricorn and Cancer are both fixated despite moving forward. Most Earth and water signs are. They linger. They sway in their past. This eclipse is a chance to see where these obsessions stem from to make way to truly walk through it.

Cancer focuses on domesticity, their safe shell of home, family and friends. Capricorn focuses on income and partnerships. Finding the right investments. This season is urging us to invest in what we need to create a stable home life.  Allow the light to cut through your delusions so you can move past it.

The moon is 3 degrees from Pluto. A cold ruler. Ruler of scorpio. Depth and still waters. Creator and destroyer. Phoeni It is up to you to destroy and create. You are the master. Call on Lilith to help liberate you. Ask your strongest guide to rip the bandaid off. Ask the world to shake you free.

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