Look at this happy king and their juicy strawberry. Finally crafting and owning what is theirs. Setting ground rules. Sticking to them.  Finding joy in their own authority, ruling over themselves and making sure they are fed.The king of pentacles is a king of plenty, structure, steadfastness, able to make decisions and stick w them. This king teaches us to keep working, stick with them and we too will have this juicy strawberry.

King represents:

–masculine energy
–containment of emotion, favoring pragmatism over whim
–static, sitting on throne rather than whirring through the air like the knight card.
–ruling, favor, decision.
–in a reading, would likely be encouraging one to be decisive, or would be seen as an affirmation to question.

Pentacles represent:
–earthly issues/delights
–connected w the Earth Signs: Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo.
–usually represents “yes” in a reading




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