A belated full moon reading. I had some secret ones. It’s ok to stand still and let something happen rather than force it to happen. While there is beauty to action and Aries is about action, this reading is half water—letting something come to you. .
Full moons are about letting go. Full moons are about illuminating crisis and can be seen as confusing. These cards tell a tale of letting love boil and letting something come to fruition without action. The deep process of letting something finish.

Shed .
Sometimes sitting still is the best action we can take. Libra is the sign of balance, airy, light. Aries is the sign of fire, warrior, take charge. Somewhere you will find yourself in the middle between apathy and destruction. Planting seeds. Examining justice. Examining healing and self care as retributive, regenerative, the spark you need may start with rest. Rest assured your magic works. .
Shed .

Untitled design.png
Metamorphosis is a patient rebirth.

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