scorpio season

let go or be dragged.

C9B00171-E09F-426A-A0A0-3197541683CE (1)From left to right:
What am I letting go of as I transition from libra to Scorpio? What will be my greatest ally during Scorpio season? What will be illuminated? What am I working towards?
Having a hard time letting go of previous wishes and wants and understanding that things have changed. My ally is rest and meditation; to see what I really want and need and to access the depth of Scorpio. I have a strong Scorpio placement: Saturn and the south node, Kharma, the past. My strength is my greatest asset and will be come to the forefront as I am being tested to remain quiet, mysterious, stay in the liminal, and to work towards fully understanding and appreciating myself.
Scorpios are lovers. We seek intensity in relationships and I am coming to terms w that. I crave reciprocity in romantic intensity. I don’t like shallow relationships yet have been surrounded by them. I don’t want anyone to know so first I face the mirror: myself then you.

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