new moon in scorpio

Reading for New Moon

While I had several readings this is the one I’ll share today. For me, going inward is the most important skill I can craft. It is where I find my high priestess. My resistance is based on the idea of productivity. I too was raised in this capitalist culture and even though my skill is one of intuition and truly the only way I’ll be fulfilled is to trust my inner self.
My Saturn is in Scorpio in the fourth house of home. Im private. Deserving of privacy to recover. Deserving of my hermit. I need lots of alone time. Tons of space. And still deserve community. Still deserve friends and partners and Intimacy. 🦂
Finding that balance has taken years but well worth it to me to discover what I thought I knew I knew all along. 🦇
I’m gonna start doing some educational readings mixed w these readings, the intuitive ones.

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