From left to right: what should I let go of find closure with? What have strengthened and grown since the beginning of 2019? And what can I be proud of today?
I’m full of secrets and I always have been and I have lots of complications from them but I’m taking my time to rebuild myself and my home. I’m proud of the patience I’ve cultivated as a result and the steps that I’ve taken to heal to give birth to my potential; wasted in space, in daydreaming, in trauma. If there’s anything unopened this year, it’s not my trauma. I followed the guidance and went deep. I’m healing, slowly and coming out of hiding. All the other stuff will work itself out. Rest time slow sensual Taurus on her throne. My Lilith and eleventh house and north node. #taurus is so special and dear to me, the part I fought. So stubborn. My work; erotic, combing senses, art and sensuality but first I had to feel it. Come out of my crypt.

The deepest place I can go is completely still. .
056DADDA-D7F1-4881-AD33-61BBFFE51971 (2).JPG

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