B3FEEB54-12B9-410D-8074-7B5D00B800A6.JPGFinally started the December challenge by @lionharts. I’m on day 1: the energy of this month. .
In Colorado, january, right before my friend had her baby, my friend walked in for a reading while she was pregnant. I was just there to accompany her. When we sat down, Dia zoomed in on me right away and began telling me about myself knowing only I was a Virgo. She then turned to my friend and said “when you have the baby, come back. I’ll read you then. I’m reading your friend today.”
And that really is how it goes. There were lots of details to that reading and I won’t begin to list them here but she pulled the king of cups and without any provocation or prompt she said to me “don’t get lost in this mans waters. Im from the show me state. Show me. Show me a year show me two years.” I lost that card a month later. The king of cups. I had to get a replacement card for it. .
I respect the privacy of others lives so I’ll say I missed the birth of my god daughter by five minutes having pushed a plane ride back a day,  it pushing it back another day for no reason. the next day is when I passed that man on the street and a month later I lost the card. .
This month or December I am over it, waiting to be shown from now on. Three of Wands is the building of it. The other two are a swirl of emotions. .
I trust my readers. They said to me “you have men women attracted to you left and right and you’re over it, don’t want any of them. They always come when you don’t want them not when you do. “ she also said to me “you have a soulmate connection. Give it time. He’s not afraid of commitment but abandonment. Wait until 2020.”
Show me a year show me two years. There’s many ways to interpret the cards. This is just what I’m sharing today.

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