Aquarius season

aquarius seasonEvery new moon, or at the start of a new season, I write my intentions for that month. I tap into what I’m feeling each season and my own personal chart and struggles.
Aquarius energy involves community responsibility by tapping into the personal and collective reflection and a detachment from sentimentality. Aquarius is my seventh house and Jupiter is in my aquarius. Because I am the least sentimental of all my friends and lovers, I’ve done a lot more organizing and collective work than building private relationships w lovers. I come across as icy, detached, unmoved even flat. But this is real for me.
I feel love deeply but I choose to strive towards a more egalitarian and stoic harmony w friends and lovers so that I remain unfortunately objective. In fact, it’s brought trouble to me. I’m often objective when emotion should be involved. I’m stalwart but open to healing entire communities, and while I may be loyal, i wander, am non monogamous, prefer several lovers to one and have no qualms being frank about my sexual or relationship needs.
This season I am going to focus on the ways in which my coldness assists others. It’s not “cold,” no, it’s reason. I’m a strong Mercury, Virgo and Mars with many trines in mercury. I use my intellect BUT I have gone deep into emotion before and pulled nothing but feeling out so I know it can be done. But I’ll wait til Pisces season for that.

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