Full Moon in Leo

54B35C7E-599F-4622-AED1-61C73EF96E36My Full Moon in Leo card was the Four of Wands
It is the beginning of settling, the beginning of building a home and finding harmony in your domestic life. This moon was showcasing the tender side of #leo as a generous loyal and caring sign. Loves to be surrounding by lots friends and family validated simply by their presence. .
I spent this full moon doing what I always do: hosting s party for my eleven closest friends and/or hosting a party for my closest friends and who they bring. I want a family. It may hurt to admit this sometimes but I want a daughter or a son. This was the slow nod y e s you can have it all. .
The four of wands: first you heal some insides then you build the house, you invite the friends and remain a good daughter and then you ask for the long game again: home, not a four letter word anymore.

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