Pisces season

pisces season is about dreams.
it’s about ending something to begin something new in spring.
it’s about sleeping and cultivating lucidity in the astral world.
it’s about reflecting on an entire zodiac year.
it’s about remembering your poetry, that you are fluid, not curated.
it’s about death and avoidance in delusion.
it’s about finally embracing death without avoidance.
it’s about giving over to your illusion so you may swim safely in this world.
it’s about telling the truth to yourself in the scariest of places.
it’s about being the moon.
it’s about lunacy.
it’s about untethering from deep romance.
it’s about this kind of swirl of thought.
it’s about depth and synthesis and process.
it’s about coming home to the depth of yourself and if you find someone sharing that space with you, embrace them, do not push them away.
it’s’ about soul mates too.

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