mercury retrograde in scorpio

A few days ago Mercury went retrograde (again) in Scorpio which always leaves people feeling frightened for what’s to come. The best way to deal with any retrograde is to examine what it all means. A planet in retrograde means its appearing to move backwards. This is factually not true: it is an illusion created by the relativity of the planet in question and Earth in conjunction to the sun. The planet changes from west to east movement, to east to west movement. Every planet does this but because Mercury is so fast (something to note here as well) it happens four times a year, whereas a planet like Mars only goes retrograde every two years.This means we have more chances to deal with our communication!!! First, look at what Mercury rules: communication, logic, thinking, listening, writing, speaking publicly, etc. All things that have to do with our communication, and in such a relational world it makes sense that we need to slow down quarterly to understand ourselves and how we relate to our speech; our daily performance, our daily interpretation of our self vs. others/relating to others, our inner dialogue and our outer expression after receiving information from others. It’s a fast planet, a lot to process and it deserves this reprieve.eIt also rules travel, shipping, cars and mail which is why you may experience issues in those area and are warned not to sign contracts during this time. HOWEVER, as witchy as I am, I don’t believe this. I believe it’s saying be careful of your contracts. Don’t sign anything you can’t get out of or aren’t extremely passionate about and travel to places that mean something, that make your heart jump etc.
When it goes retrograde, look at both where it is in the sun (libra: scales, balance, harmony, diplomacy, how can I use my tongue to balance, listen, nurture, hear all sides?) and the planet it is retrograde in (scorpio: depth, death, intimacy, private, manipulation and cunning, how am i expressing my deepest desire? how am i reaching the depth of me?). I also return to the goals I wrote at the beginning of Libra, which you can see in my previous post, and now see how they fit into Scorpio: restraint, poise, not choosing sides. Brilliant. Scorpio wants us to pause before acting or reacting. Moreover, Scorpio wants us to get to the depth of the wound. We are often reacting from a place of hurt, a place of sorrow, guilt, shame and pain. When we speak without thinking we project that pain onto others. We ignore their trauma to allow ours to seep into them. This retrograde in Autumn, in Libra, in Scorpio is encouraging us to breathe. Breathe.
Catch our breath before we do anything and pinpoint our reaction to things. Is it kind? Is it true? Is is it necessary? That old adage we were taught as kids that I still use. Think before you speak. Look before you leap. Go deep in before responding. Allow this planet’s sudden graceful torpor to outshine your need for speed. There is no time or there is always time depending on how you see this illusion.

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