full moon in taurus

Happy Full Moon in Taurus. How I choose cards for a full moon. I use this method every single time. I do a couple private readings to start that are solely for me. Then I pull out each deck and draw a card or four from each one (whatever I am called to do)–when I see doubles, I hone in on those cards. Sometimes it is just for me. Sometime it is for the collective. There is one card not pictured here and that is the ten of cups, reversed and upright, but I will add it into the reading

The seven of swords is about deception (I received this upright and reversed), generally, also stealing something that doesn’t belong to you. Lying to others or yourself. Six of wands is about victory, triumph, success and others seeing you as successful. The ten of cups is about fulfillment, wishes, dreams, getting what you want, love, abundance. I received this card upright and reversed.

I read this card as being able to triumph over the deception of others and self. Being able to cut ties with people. Full moons are about letting go and this being a blue moon on the most powerful death day we have, Halloween, my instinct is telling me this moon is great for culling. Not culling without insight either; diving deep to listen to your inner wisdom. Who can you trust? Who is looking out for you? When do you know something is “right?’ When do you someone is lying? Can you read between the lines? Are you sacrificing your needs for others?

I have a longer spell on patreon but my advice is to sit still today. This powerful moon in a powerful fixed water sign: Scorpio, which I see as the ocean. Go to the bottom of the Mariana Trench and see what you pull up. You know what is true. Others have convinced you otherwise. Trust yourself, beget results. Not everyone is looking out for you. Not everyone has you best interests in mind.

you can see my spell suggestion on https://www.patreon.com/thehardwitch

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