full moon lunar eclipse

we are in eclipse season again!! that means it’s a return to shadow work. eclipses bring up things from the past new moon to full moon cycle (may/june to now), the last annual cycle (december to now) and sometimes the last two years, depending on how much muscle you have put into healing this part of yourself. to find where gemini and sagittarius are in your chart, visit: https://astro.cafeastrology.com/natal.php look at houses, planets, chiron, lilith, asteroids, my chiron is in gemini in the 10th house which means i feel i can never achieve at the level of my peers. for me, this eclipse is bringing me right to my wounds. my gemini placement is in the eleventh house primarily even though the chiron rests in the tenth, meaning that this is also bringing up my relationships with friends, peers and alll social relations. tenth is about work and achievement and eleventh is about friends. this wound of competition is prevalent with me and it’s going to be dramatized, so large, i can see how it’s ceaseless, a waste and overpowering. it’s time to let go of the drive to succeed and instead focus on self.

it’s helpful to look where sagittarius is as well. my uranus is in sagittarius in the fifth house. fifth house is romance, play, children, activities, creative pursuits. sagittarius is all about freedom, independence, going to counter the crowd regardless of what the crowd says. people with sagittarius placements, that is people who have planets in sag like me, tend to speak louder in certain situations, desire some freedom and move how they want without being mired in others judgment. sure, we all get self concious but the archer is about luck, they really can’t lose so why worry? being that it is my uranus and fifth, i have a strong will to do as i please in romance, activities and creation. is that why i walk aimlessly for miles? in fact, this relates to my wound in the 10th. i am spontaneous and independent. I find it difficult to follow the mold on social media, in advertising, in my work as a healer so much so that I then feel “too different.” as you can see just from following me, I educate in a more synthesized way; explaining what planets, zodiac signs, etc. mean with more looseness imploring you to do the work. explaining as we go.

look to see where these land in your chart and do some cursory research on what each planet or house means. it will give you insight into what you are going to protect this eclipse. this is about protecting yourself from the shadows that are coming back: delusions, past mistakes, past lovers, etc. light a black candle or a white candle and ask for love and protection during this time. practice your ten minute meditation where you can feel the candle burning and surrounding you with bright light. you have moved past this. any illusion of needing to continue to pry into these ghosts is not real. do not be discouraged. move through this with grace. you are bigger than your wounds. use your chart as a guidepost to direct you in your strengths. ask me if you have questions. above are my four goals for sagittarius season. this week is care less and “live guilt free like a villain”

today’s card for the collective is Death. let go. it’s over.

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