What a better symbol for the harbinger of winter than the red horned devil? Capricorn. Season of hidden motives, money minds and intense calculation and hard work. .Each zodiac has a Major Arcana archetype to go with it.The devil represents Capricorn both in its aesthetic symbology: the slick sea goat (both deep and sure footed), it’s planetary ruler, Saturn, and what it represents both in folklore and in actuality—a strive for comfort through material security and the BREAKING of bonds to those things. Saturn is about limitations and the first month of winter is the softest. It only gets colder and harder from here. We are thrust into the darkness w the coldest most methodical sign of all (it’s not Scorpio. Believe me I dated a Capricorn for 5.5 years ;)) it’s because they are ruled by weight..

Each zodiac is born w talents and lessons. Capricorn is bound by a strive for perfection and if not careful can seek validation by what they accumulate, rather than who they are or what they offer. The positive traits of Capricorn: intensely loyal, self sacrificing when invested, able to plan, budget, have great style, pour out sexuality and are discerning. They don’t like to waste time. .Like the devil, they charm. And like the devil in the original ride Waite deck, those chains are self imposed. Our lesson this season is to shake weight before we are buried in it. Take stock at the end of the year about who we really are and what lessons we learned this year.

Saturn is our greatest teacher. Capricorn starts winter and ends the year so we may self reflect on our bondage, our self imposed limitations and make a methodical mindful plan of what we want to accomplish next year. What is uniquely yours? What is a burden? What stops you from being vulnerable? What keeps you tethered to external validation? This year also started and ended w full moon in cancer. 

“To be humble is to not make comparisons.”

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