full moon in cancer plus nye ritual

I was debating posting the full ritual and utlimately decided against it. It is important when practicing that you use discretion and discern when it is safe to share and when it is not. I will share the bones of a magic mirror ritual in pieces and I will share the menstrual blood ritual. To see tirual sub to patreon.com/evevex. This is shared with patrons only. But let me give you some background on my beloved Brigid.

My full moon pull and ritual was relatively private but I did ask for a card that would embody the feeling: the chariot. The Chariot is about moving forward, however, it is not in motion but sitting still. It’s about continuing to pace yourself and trusting the universe to guide you. It is about self reflection with a timer. It is about self reflection without self obsession. It is about self control. I did ask for an animal: the cat–magic, secrecy the underworld and companion to the queens. Companion to another as well, the goddess I pulled, my Celtic heritage, Brigid. Years ago I endured a painful one to two year long adjustment of psyche that started w a dark ritual inviting Lilith to guide me. This is what started my journey to witchcraft. I was looking to be liberated from the male gaze and patriarchy and was also finally beginning to understand my queer identity, only dating women at the time and feeling like I could only date women.  This was fall 2016 right before trump was elected. Shortly after my ritual I fell into, what I described as a deep psychosis, and began to explore various forms of deity worship including Brigid, my Celtic roots.
I haven’t been as close in spirit to my Celtic side consciously though my dead relatives would disagree. The Irish are considered lucky. The polish are not. I spent time worshiping Brigid over the years—presenting her with flowers, lighting candles, reciting poetry off and on and building shrines to her and was happy to see her visit me the night of the full moon alongside her companion, the cat—an omen of magic, deception, secrets and the underworld. .
I have been urged by a fellow psychic to reconnect w My Celtic roots and have been spending more time building shrine to those relatives and this saint. Once a warrior, goddess of healing poetry spring fertility and the eternal flame. She is robust in spirit and a torch in presentation. Quiet authority. Healer. Mother. Protector.
Building altar is an age old practice. Those of us who have catholic roots learn early to light candles to the dead, speak to saints w reverence and confess to the night to walk through their chambers. It is not from one culture, but many.
If you are serious in showing Respect to your heritage, I suggest you research your genealogy and the mythology that goes along w it. The connections are stronger and contact is more likely. Find out what your deities represent and like and build altar from that. If it feels appropriative, it’s probably because yOure partaking in practices not yours. 

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