My reading for the start of Capricorn season, late to let a few things dissolve and a few others to become clearer. When I do readings, I read them two ways: on a very personal level bordering secret, arcana, and a more literal interpretation of the cards to show how that relates to the season/current energy and the question at hand. I also use all decks often to find the doubles. These three are the ones that came up the most.
So first, Capricorn is a methodical self focused sign. The new year is historically the paramount event for new habit setting. Everyone vocalizes new goals come January 1 and we make earnest attempts to see them through. The seven of pentacles: work hard and rest to examine how far you’ve come. Nine of wands: you’re close but not finished and more importantly,


The lovers: you are healing. You are working on yourself and your projects at the same time. There is no ability to explicate yourself from self as you climb the mountain. This time of year we are also open to examining our relationships, what we really want and deserve and that favorite word: reciprocity.
Where are your efforts being returned? Who or what is returning them? Where do you need more time? Are you resting and letting yourself synthesize w the mission?
Don’t get so lost in the details you miss the major arcana here. “It is with love that I do this, Gods will be done.”

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