Aquarius Season

Age of Aquarius! Change of regime. Interesting weather. Invoking Arachne. oday is a good day for sigil writing because the moon is in Aries. Your Jupiter determines where your luck will be had and the house determines how it plays out or where your luck will be. I will do a separate post to get more into jupiter. 

This week we focus on “rejecting individualist philosophies that have kept me isolated and repressed.” To do this I am going to open the ceremony with a new sigil to Arachne, goddess of weaving and a tortured soul, to celebrate alchemy, bemoan my hubris, see my talent eefor what it is and continue to weave words into gold. My overarching goal for Aquarius season is to work better with groups to create art and revolution. I think it is important to set these goals during each zodiac change to utilize the energy most effectively. Each Sunday, I return to one of these affirmations and reflect on it throughout the week along with whatever I am on for my new year’s affirmations (I have ten). This week we are on “compassion for myself strengthens compassion for others.”

To see the rest, including sigil making, please visit

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