Aquarius season pull

Aquarius season tarot pull—tarantula and temperance. Everything is personal to me. As in, every tarot reading has a double meaning: the secret meaning and then the literal meaning.  These cards urge you to see how everything is connected and invite you to to stay here (one foot on the rocks, one hand on the earth) but go deeper (one foot in the water, web wrapped around). Aquarius is a great philosopher and able to synthesize and process info from a deep place but bring it to the masses. This is a time of teaching, knowledge and brainstorming. Tap into the inner recesses and express..

Temperance is about patience and balance. A spider weaves a web and waits putting her trust into the wind, the weather, the gods. We do must wait. Process. Build. Think.  This card has been coming for me. My urgency has defeated me before.You don’t have the same mistake three times. Careful. Temperance also means abstinence. Are you deluding yourself? Are you checking in with the ground or are you drowning? Keep one foot on the rocks….

Last night I sung to my favorite God. He’s sometimes a coyote. Sometimes a little girl in my house. Most of the time he comes as the Cheshire Cat. I bought roses and two candles, still lit. The act of shrine is ancient. The act of intention is ancient. The act of keeping candles lit (even after you set your altar on fire three times) is catholic. We don’t abandon our faith just because we haven’t seen results. We go deeper. 

In God we trust.

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