because this is an innovative time and Aquarius is about forging your own path, it is the perfect time to begin something new. Pisces follows Aquarius and you can let the month pass and see what needs to be tweaked to round out the zodiac year. there is something holding you back. something inside of you that is keeping you from sharing your talent, sharing who you are with others. I use water and fire and blood for magic. this is where you find your power. I’ve suggested this many times but i’ll suggest it again; sit and think and wait. give yourself 10-30 minutes to explore your inner self and see what screams.  where do you derive pleasure? how do you calm down? do you use baths? walks? exercise? what are you drawn to? candles? rain? wind? what soothes and you and what troubles you?

here is your magic. to read more, join my where i also send personal new moon readings every month!

to see more about the Star tarot, check out my IG tv video on IG: hexbot_

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