full moon in virgo

Full moon in Virgo reading and ritual. The moon, four of swords and nine of cups. The moon is the ruler of Pisces. Illusion, confusion, depth, darkness, chaos, emotion, nurturing feminine. The season of the moon is here. And the last zodiac before the almighty Aries springs us w fresh hope. The moon begs us to look inwards and find what we know to be true without evidence but also to challenge our own deceptions. How can you trust things without proof and challenge your own deception? Rest. The four of swords is asking you to rest. You’ve accomplished a heartbreak friend. A real dismay. But you still need time to rest. Those swords are still poised for battle. The three of swords came first. It felt like someone stabbed you in the heart. Moving on takes time (rose baths) and ritual to get to our hearts desire—-the nine of cups. Your wishes require action and inaction. Sit still to discover what you’re desperate to escape (in the bath)/

My rituals always involve bath because it’s one of the few times I can sit patiently. It is in the bath I speak out loud what I want to let to go of and what I am ready for. Every moon I buy flowers for my altar and I leave gifts for deities. There is food on my altar now. This moon I practice sitting w how my insecurity manifests and how I can let my talent lead. The combo emotional Pisces and constrained Virgo leads to combustion. Perfection is not as wise as beauty or truth (arguably the same). Perfection is a construct we can opt out of at any time.
However I love my goals as a Virgo sun. This week I reject the influence that others have on me w their opinions of myself or other people. This extends to spending less time subjecting myself to it by removing myself from gossip and social media. I also wrote a list of projections other had of me on one piece of paper and on another I countered w how it was un true. Such a virgo thing lists.
Such a Pisces thing to be  so deeply affected by others. I kept the list that countered and cleansed the ashes of projection w the roses bought for Lilith.
You weren’t born to be liked but to love (take a bath).

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