My name is Ava/Eve.

I am a sensual worker in the Philadelphia area offering healing, divination and care services. I am a trained doula, childbirth educator, reiki master/teacher practitioner, herbalist and practice divination daily. As a former social worker, I have experience doing direct care, crisis planning and advocacy work for people of all backgrounds. Currently, my work is in the erotic: training alphas, training others how to slow their orgasm, training others how to submit and let go of control and teaching others how to use their sensuality. I am currently filming a “how-to” series highlighting every part of the erogenous body starting with my favorite, the tongue.  This is educational and entertaining and a bit tongue in cheek and lascivious.  I use many divination tools and my strongest are tarot, reiki, altar, hypnosis and sex.  I pay altar to everything and use the moon cycles for rituals. I also use sexuality and sacral healing for those interested in a more sensual practice. I provide companion work and surrogacy work to those in need.

I am also a writer and am in the process of finishing the first series to a long book, Datura Moon.  My activism focuses on sex work, harm reduction, anti-capitalism, and mental health. Everything I do comes together in healing. I don’t compartmentalize or separate parts of myself from other parts of myself. My sexuality, community organizing, art and spirituality come together to inform my practice. Therefore, I don’t define sessions ahead of time. I leave everything open to what transpires. My rates are fixed but the practice itself is water. It is the experience of healing that matters more than the tools used.

Email thehardwitch@gmail.com to set appointment or ask questions.

IG: the_hard_witch or Eve_Vex_
twitter: hexbot_
all writing: daturamoon.com

support my work: patreon.com/evevex
support my friends: http://www.phillyrua.com

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