10-15 minute reading, 25.00

Online only.

In Person/Skype tarot, 50.00

A 30-40 minute reading done at my house or online. Includes ritual.

Reiki and Tarot session, 75.00

A 75 minute reiki session with tarot included. Includes a moon ritual and closing ritual.

Reiki and Trance (minus tarot), 75.00

An hour of reiki, repetition, imagery and light hypnosis.

Coaching and Ritual, 100.00

Ongoing coaching sessions, as many as you need or like. This can be done in person or online. It includes moon ritual and closing ritual. This is coaching or hypnosis (or both). Focus is healing and growth and learning how to develop your own spiritual practice that aligns with your beliefs.

Reiki Healing Session, 150.00

I offer a one hour healing reiki session. This is not about release but about sacral healing. Soft sweeping touch and classical touch therapy.

Relationship Surrogacy Services (Ongoing), 150.00/hr

Ongoing sessions available to the touch starved, clueless, or fet oriented but need some coaching and help. Email to book phone appt to discuss details.

*See “Workshops” page for additional seasonal packages.


Reiki 1 & 2

(four hours, 200.00):

–history of reiki
–hand placements
–meditation w scanning on self
—self reiki to move energy on self found with meditation
–practice on me, scan, notice, use hand placements
–how to stay grounded in craft
–how to use other practices to enhance reiki
–daily practice suggestion

This is a condensed course that attunes you to both reiki 1 and 2 focusing more on intuition and grounding, and less on practical application. While I do go over the hand placements, history and general culture of reiki, learning is in the doing, not listening. There will be time to practice on self and teacher and ask questions and I offer subsequent coaching for 100/hr. Questions over email are fine, however, I offer more in depth skill definition in person: using herbs, using tarot, using intuition, dreams, altar, etc.

This class is reiki taught my someone who also practices spell work. It will be imbued with witchcraft.