10-15 tarot minute reading, 25.00

Online or in person. Includes ritual.

In Person/Skype tarot, 50.00

A 30-40 minute reading done at my house or online. Includes ritual.

Reiki and Tarot session, 75.00/hr

A 75 minute reiki session with tarot included. Includes closing ritual.

Reiki and Trance (minus tarot), 75.00/hr

An hour of reiki, repetition, imagery and light hypnosis.

Coaching and Ritual, 100.00/hr

Ongoing coaching sessions, as many as you need or like. This can be done in person or online. It includes ritual. This can be about the erotic or about your spiritual practice. This can be about your orgasm, your kink, your life. This is about healing. I specialize in sexual healing and ritual, but I often talk about everything with people.

Sensual Reiki Healing Session, 150.00

I offer a one hour healing reiki session. This is not about release but about sacral healing. Soft sweeping touch and classical touch therapy combined with erotic tongue and whisper. This is not about release. This about engagement.

Relationship Surrogacy Services (Ongoing), 150.00/hr

Ongoing sessions available to the touch starved, clueless, or fet oriented but need some coaching and help. Email to book phone appt to discuss details.