10-15 tarot minute reading, 50.00

Online or in person. Includes ritual.

In Person/Skype tarot, 100.00

A 30-40 minute reading done at my house or online. Includes ritual.

Reiki and Tarot session, 200.00/hr

A 75 minute reiki session with tarot included. Includes closing ritual.

Reiki and Trance (minus tarot), 300/hr

An hour of reiki, repetition, imagery and light hypnosis.

Tarot/Reiki (Medicine) Journeys:

sliding scale 800-2000 depending on needs. Must have skype session or phone call first to tailor session. Incorporates medicine into a tarot reiki and repetition session. Proper background check required (ID, history)

NEW—divination and dream guidance

One to ten guided sessions to help you get in touch with your true divination practice. Must have one to two phone consults first. Screening is required, sliding scale 200-600 depending on needs.

I do not offer refunds on any products, services or readings! I screen anyone who comes to my place for service (not calls) and anyone paying electronically must provide ID against proof of fraud.