Im doing another @lionharts challenge. This month is Love and The World Tarot is about the transcendence, the beginning and end, the Pisces of everything. It has taken me a long time to love myself wholly so that I may be ready to love others the same. It’s also taken me a long time to remove some of the baggage I held onto in the form of resentment. The other day I had a scary situation: a situation that has happened before. I was in the woods but near the entrance and eating and over time, because of my tmj disorder, my jaw began to clench shut and lock. In order to stop it, I had to keep talking, breathe through the panic attack, and massage it back open. The entire process took an hour. I didn’t want to tell anyone because during panic attacks I become dramatic and say scary things. I felt dizzy and like I was going to faint. I stayed in sight of two women the entire time and just kept massaging it and talking and telling myself that not only am I having a panic attack but I am also experiencing actual lock jaw. Because of my superstition, I told the world I wanted to save my life above everything and that I wanted to reverse any curse against me or any I sent to others. Since then my jaw has felt better and I have felt free. The World is the culmination of everything at once. I’ve felt unheard and ignored my entire life even when I share my needs. I had a real panic attack and a chakra opening at once that day, alone, in the woods as god intended. #theworldtarot #selenitewand #tarot #womenarentbeinghystericaltheyarebeingignored03BFB080-2FE4-47B4-AF2A-B0F981E3C31F.jpeg

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