Ten of wands and my patroness, Szelanya

Oh look it’s the card of 2021–the #tenofwands. Burden, responsibility, carrying a lot, holding a lot. This was my pull for my personal year but it’s clearly layered. .
With hard work comes an inherent need for rest. We must take turns. With great risk comes great reward. We must be courageous. If you’re wondering what the year holds, no need. Replay yesterday. Bare brunt. Bare soul. We have finally arrive to the Age of Aquarius. We had the peak of a grand cross on Christmas to tap into our internal altruism and we are riding several air conjunctions. That means, we move like wind or a tornado if your deity demands it. There are deities I’m praying to whose fists cause storms and I suggest you find some grounding.
This week I pray to Lilith. The black cat. The armadillo. Say thank you to secret deities of wind and Hungarian wind goddess, Szelanya. Reflect on the black squirrel that crossed my path yesterday.  Reflect on a lucid dream I had four years ago today about myself in a cabin looking for the door. I had been there before but it was guarded by wolves the previous year. This time I was inside w several women, mom included and a deity I called on that I will keep to myself. I was looking for a dragonfly.. a way out. The whole place was wood and I didn’t see it at first: a hand carved wooden dragonfly in a pile of wooden toys then a little girl suddenly pointing to the knob. When I opened the door where there had been wolves before there now glittering does, sparkling gold in the snow. No bucks. No men.
My deities.

( i didn’t promise I would tell it in coherence. I promised you I’d finally tell you the story of the little girl).

Some days I flit about chanting nothing matters but then little fairies dust my shoulders, giggling.
If you think you have a gift, you probably do. If you think you have a purpose, you probably do. If you think you have a chance, you do. Now we fight w all magic by our side.

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